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Service Overview

​I provide residential house cleaning for homes that are 3,000 sq. ft. or smaller. I have a very high standard of clean and need the time to provide that level of clean and service.  If your home is 3,000 sq. ft. I will need 12 hours to complete your first clean and 8 hours for routine cleaning after that.  For houses 3,000 sq. ft. or less you can estimate 4 hours of cleaning per 1,000 sq. ft.  Please see rates below for more details and minimum charges.  I love what I do and I look forward to working with you!


  • Bi-Weekly

  • Monthly

  • One-Time-Only/Special Occasion


  • First time clean

    • All new clients are charged $45/hour for their first clean with me.  This allows me to familiarize myself with your home, the flow, and to make sure that I have the time needed to do a thorough top to bottom cleaning.  Please estimate 4 hours per 1,000 sq. ft. (This will also be dependent on the number of mementos/personal items/pets in your home.) 

      • $45/Hour

      • Minimum charge 6 hours or $270

  • One-Time or Special Occasion Cleaning

    • This service is for clients who don't need a regularly scheduled cleaning.

      • $45/Hour​  (Please estimate 4 hours per 1,000 sq. ft.)

      • Minimum charge 6 hours or $270

  • Monthly Clients

    • After your first clean, subsequent monthly cleaning will be charged at a reduced rate.​

      • $40/Hour​

      • Minimum charge 6 hours or $240

  • Bi-weekly Clients

    • After your first clean, subsequent bi-weekly cleaning will be charged at a reduced rate.​

      • $35/Hour

      • Minimum charge 4 hours or $140

  • I'm a  thorough and diligent cleaner.  I'm happy to cover all cleaning needs in my rates noted above.  I don't see a reason to up-charge for cleaning of interior appliances, blinds, baseboards, windows, etc., but please know that until your home is rotation ready will I be able to add in these more detailed cleaning elements.  These are items that we will discuss together in order of your importance to your customized cleaning rotation.

  • An invoice will be sent after cleaning is finished.  Payment is due upon receipt of your invoice. If payment is not received within five days of invoice receipt, your reserved cleaning dates will be forfeited (another client will be offered your regular cleaning dates).

    • I accept:​

      • ​​Credit Card Payments

      • Venmo (@jillslittlecleaningco)

      • ​Cash

Due to a policy change at my current bank, I will no longer accept personal checks.  Thank you for your understanding.


  • I supply all the products and equipment needed to clean your house or small business. 

  • I use all natural cleaning products, using ingredients that are found in an everyday kitchen pantry, along with 100% pure essential oils.  

  • I wash and disinfect all of my equipment and supplies after each cleaning appointment. 

  • If you have a particular cleaning product or prefer that I use your equipment, I'm happy to do so; but, will require a signed waiver stating that I'm not responsible for any damage to the equipment or surfaces cleaned.  (I will always do my best to be careful with your equipment and or supplies, but accidents do happen).

Other Services

In addition to cleaning, I wanted to add other services that I love to do but used to stress me out if I didn't have time for them.  I like to think of it as a housekeeping concierge!  I've listed a few services below if you don't see something that you may want to be done, ask! I'm open to suggestions and special requests.  

If you are a client on a routine cleaning schedule and want to get these items into your rotation, let's talk and see what I can do with our allotted time!

  • Laundry services in home or offsite (Laundromat)

    • Pick up/Drop off, Wash, Fold/Hang, and Steaming Included.

      • $35/Hour​

      • Laundry detergent, softener, dryer sheets, etc. are not included and will need to provided by the client.

      • If laundry is done offsite (laundromat) coin charges are not included in the hourly rate above.  They will be tallied up and added to your invoice.

      • I will personally sanitize and clean the interiors of all the units I use at the laundromat before your clothes ever touch them!​

  • Home organizing & purging

    • I will work alongside you to help you organize and purge.  Includes drop-off or coordination of pick-up of your donation items (depending on the amount and size of objects) to your preferred donation site (Goodwill, St. Vincent, etc.)

      • $35/Hour ​

  • Is company coming?  I'm happy to give your pet(s) a bath, change linens, set up additional sleeping spaces, and make your guest spaces welcoming (fresh flowers, water at the bedside, bath linens in the room, etc.)

    • This service has typically been added as additional time during a routine cleaning service.  But I'm happy to offer this as an individual service as well.

      • $35/Hour​

      • Does not include the cost of extra's you may want me to pick up for your guests.  All receipts will be kept and added to your invoice.

Interested?  Next Steps

Let's meet and take a tour of your home.  We will discuss:

  • Your cleaning service needs.

  • Review my services and go through my detailed cleaning check-list.

  • Customize your service as needed.

  • Address any questions or concerns you may have.

  • Discuss scheduling options and pricing. For estimation purposes please plan on 4 hours of cleaning per 1,000 Sq. Ft.  (Please note minimum charges above under rates section.) 

  • There is no pressure to commit during our appointment.  I understand that this is a very personal decision.  Take your time, think it over, and get back to me when it's right for you.